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We have produced a number of resources to assist you in preparation for the candidate process:

Resume Writing Basics

  • Be concise. As a rule of thumb, resumes reflecting five years or less experience should fit on one page. More extensive experience can justify usage of a second page. Consider three pages (about 15 years or more experience) an absolute limit. Avoid lengthy descriptions of whole projects of which you were only a part. Consolidate action verbs where one task or responsibility encompasses other tasks and duties. Minimize usage of articles (the, an, a) and never use I, My, or your name to identify yourself.
  • Enter your name, address, and other contact information centered at the top of the page. You can begin the resume with an overall summary providing an overview of your skills and key experience. Use plain, bold lettering for your name and heading. Your name should be the largest thing on the page and easy to read.
  • We dont recommend an objective unless youre in a very narrow niche industry. Use this space for content more specific to your skills, and training.
  • Leave off all personal information such as: high school graduation date, married/single, height/weight, social security number, number of children, hobbies, references ("available upon request"), travel history, previous pay rates, previous supervisor names, reasons for leaving previous jobs etc.
  • List employment history in reverse chronological order, (most recent job first). Always include your title(s) and exact dates (month / year). If you received a new title or position during your tenure with a single employer, its considered alright to create a separate paragraph to describe that work. Use bullet points to detail your primary responsibilities and accomplishments, making sure you include industry specific terms in describing your work.
  • Use descriptive action words to detail what you accomplished and contributed at each position. Avoid a nondescript listing of duties. Employers want to know what value you bring in terms of productivity so highlight your unique capabilities and sell yourself!
  • Include specific technical skills (i.e. SolidWorks, LabView, .Net, FPGA, AP/AR, ERP, Great Plains, SaaS, etc.). Citing technical/ industry skills in the body of a specific position description, and in a separate section just for technical skills, is vital in the technical realm because your marketability is often in direct proportion to your "know-how". Quantify your experience wherever possible. Cite numerical figures, such as monetary budgets/funds saved, time periods/efficiency improved, lines of code written/debugged, numbers of machines administered/fixed, etc. which demonstrate progress or accomplishments. This will help trained and untrained individuals identify the position requirements they are seeking to make an initial positive selection for an interview.
  • Education should show degree(s) earned, dates received, and institution attended. All other training specific to your career should be included here as well. Even company sponsored training and seminars may be listed if that training enhanced your technical abilities.
  • Have a professional recruiter or Human Reources person review you resume.
  • Proofread, proofread, and proofread. Be sure to catch all spelling errors, grammatical weaknesses, unusual punctuation, and inconsistent capitalizations. Proofread it numerous times over at least two days to allow a fresh eye to catch any hidden mistakes. Do not send out a resume with typos.

At Nycor, our policy is to always contact you prior to submitting your resume or credentials to any client company. To insure that other recruiting  firms you are dealing with let you know what they are doing on your behalf, consider including the following notice on the cover sheet you send with your resume:
 - Notice: This information is provided to enable you to determine possible matches for your or your clients needs. Possession of this information does not constitute authority to present it to a client or to act as my agent in any other way. I request that I be contacted regarding each individual employment opportunity to obtain my permission before discussing or presenting my resume to a client company or hiring authority. Doing so will allow us to avoid potential conflicts of interest relative to your efforts on my behalf and my own search activity.

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Email: recruit@nycor.com