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Our Process

For over 50 years, Nycor has refined a comprehensive strategy for the systematic identification, evaluation and attraction of top talent for our clients. We strive to be a value added addition in your search for contract resources and direct-hire talent.

Client Interview

Nycor begins each search with a comprehensive fact-finding session. Time is taken to understand the nature and scope of the position, the dynamics of our client's organization, and the expectations of a candidate's skills, experience and personal attributes. This information is vital for the recruitment and selection of the best talent for the position, and representing the client's organization effectively. In addition, as we are tied to the market place of talent, we will assist our clients in identifying the potential challenges within their search requirements.


Our business is to know the marketplace of  talent. We are unique in that we have a research / sourcing team in addition to our recruiting and sales team that help us identify talent who are not actively seeking a change, and are highly-skilled, well educated and extremely motivated by their work.

Candidate Contact

As our client's representative, Nycor realizes the importance of approaching targeted candidates with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Nycor takes the time to understand what would motivate a prospective candidate to make a change. Through ongoing confidential discussions, Nycor frequently can initiate an individual's desire to investigate and consider our client's opportunity.


In-depth screening and evaluation helps to identify the best candidate for the position. By carefully reviewing the background of each candidate, Nycor strives to take the majority of the initial screening process out of our client's hands. We will present only the top candidates for consideration based on information from our client interview in order to facilitate the most efficient use of our clients interviewing time.


Nycor's involvement doesn't end when the most qualified candidates are presented to our client. We recognize that the hiring process is a 2-way street. The unique position of Nycor as a third party in the process helps to assist in the coordination of the client's offer, the candidate's acceptance and a smooth transition.

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