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Direct Hire

Direct Hire

With our deep experience in sourcing, recruiting, and screening, we quickly can present you with a pool of pre-qualified candidates to interview.

For business partners experiencing a high volume of staffing requirements, NYCOR offers a volume staffing solution on a fixed monthly fee basis as opposed to charge-per-hire. This allows the client to experience stability and minimal duplication of effort.

We’re able to offer you precise results, for stability and growth within your organization. With our experience in sourcing, recruiting, and screening, we provide a pool of highly qualified candidates to interview, thus eliminating the stress and time commitment involved.

And once we’ve matched a client with a candidate, we can streamline the path to hire by coordinating interviews, followed by immediate consideration and feedback. This eliminates the stress and time commitment involved for both client and candidates, keeping everyone invested throughout the process.

We’re proud of our credibility, with an excellent interview-to-hire ratio, and we’re honored that many of our business partners and candidates have worked with us for many years.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. It’s all about the people – their ideas, initiative, drive, passion and skills. For large companies or small, that’s what differentiates NYCOR. We work diligently to solve our clients’ business needs, placing the best talent within the organizations we serve to help achieve their goals and objectives, and ultimately their success.

Direct recruiting is designed to support your company’s long-term goals, and is far more comprehensive than simply promoting job openings. We research, source, recruit, and screen qualified candidates to identify the best potential talented individuals for each position. We start by examining your company’s organization needs together with your long-term goals. We then work with you to compile a list of requirements an ideal candidate will possess, looking at backgrounds and exploring industries the ideal person may come out of. We then approach targeted candidates on an individual basis, about your opportunity. Next we evaluate potential recruits through thorough screening and make recommendations. Throughout the process we also assess what may motivate a candidate to change roles and tailor our approach based on the person’s wants and needs.

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Our Process

Over the past seven decades, NYCOR has refined a comprehensive process for the identification, evaluation and attraction of top candidates for its clients.
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